Bambino Gold - Scarface

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12:24 AM January 9, 2018 LouiBagz said:

RIP I still can't believe he's gone,.. he was about to take off hard,.. I been going hard with his music since September even started looking up old ****...dat nigga BINO
12:37 PM January 1, 2018 dreegy via Mobile:

9:37 AM December 30, 2017 hookhousebeatz via Android App:

rip fam
8:56 AM December 30, 2017 datboi1000 via iOS App:

Rest easy kidd... forever gold
1:09 AM December 30, 2017 SED_CEO via iOS App:

Dopeman ,Dopeman ,Dopeman R.I.P big dawg Moneyyyy!!!
3:17 PM December 29, 2017 050thugz said:

R.I.P Dopeman, you will be missed, you music will continue to live on! rest easy
2:37 PM December 29, 2017 Gmj87 via Mobile:

RIH Bambino Gold
9:35 AM December 28, 2017 mothagansta via Mobile:

R.i.p bambino gold respect from Colombia