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Eldorado Red - Love x Loyalty 2


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10:24 AM October 22, 2018 toniibadd said:

***** *** Nigga Killed My Dawg Lil Phat (Y.N.I.C) #TrillFamYungin #RipPhat
5:30 PM August 8, 2018 no_warningshots via Android App:

3 for 3 fn
3:32 PM February 25, 2018 roger_darby via Mobile:

only way to get off dat. is by give them a body... word
10:57 PM February 23, 2018 s11aim via Mobile:

Listen with your ears and not your @sshole cause yall know Eldo Rado B on some Boss music sh!t. LORD BLESS THE MAN
10:55 PM February 23, 2018 s11aim via Mobile:

Say what you want about Rado, Jr Boss, and Doe B. B!tch I'M A LOYAL fan you fvcks made me cry when yall took Doe B R.I.P
9:02 AM February 22, 2018 Afrimillion via Mobile:

You niggas pointing fingers at this nigga you snitch ***** *** niggas....
8:28 PM February 21, 2018 050thugz said:

i love bambino, R.I.P dopeman, but i cant believe rado got anything to do with that, i ****ed with both since 2012 and imma keep doing that! JEFE! WOOH!!
5:17 PM February 20, 2018 paperthasickness said:

I'm not a player hater like most these niggas eldorado!!!say red snitching I believe it too 25 years already home hell nah. **** there bout over with ridge rest elchapo haha