Fresh aka Short Dawg - March Madness 4

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11:44 AM March 20, 2018 twadling via Android App:

yessir always beautiful imagery in his lyrics
1:54 AM March 16, 2018 Blu_Ken via Mobile:

@Ccharles97x Yea bruh that tape fire as hell...i was bumpin it for that whole year nonstop!!!
1:44 PM March 14, 2018 Ccharles97x via Mobile:

@Psvpin2012, check out "Drank, Sinatra, and da Scripts" by Fresh aka Short Dawg, then you'll find out who he is.
3:57 AM March 14, 2018 natedoggg1 via iOS App:

Been slappin my dude and I'm still on that Kush and Codeine🔥💯
1:32 PM March 13, 2018 yungbopp via Mobile:

Fre$h having 6arz
12:24 PM March 13, 2018 Psvpin2012 said:

Who the **** is this nigga? Stop this awful mixtapes ****. Band this ****!

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