Chrisette Michele - Out Of Control

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1:51 PM April 25, 2018 fatpaks said:

if this was k Michele i might listen
12:15 AM April 19, 2018 stezzy via iOS App:

Al Green get out this *****. I love it I love it. Folk let’s grown up
9:26 AM April 18, 2018 snapbacknewera via Mobile:

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚aint nobody saying **** good about this mixtape ole well waiting for Queen Naija to drop a tape or album
4:23 AM April 17, 2018 ogkushdaily via Mobile:

Get wasted , good song to smoke to
4:18 PM April 15, 2018 LLKing33 via Mobile:

Thats Messed Up come back to us lol
1:52 PM April 15, 2018 Bamaboy114 said:

This must be a TRUMP dinner soundtrack sense she loves him so much. Nope! We don't want you back!!!
5:59 PM April 14, 2018 fieval via Mobile:

You aint lying this **** sucks bad
8:51 AM April 14, 2018 Smoove2k9 via iOS App:

She ****ed up her fan base on that Coon ****

The download will start in seconds