No Face No Case

DJs: BWA Ron
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3:39 PM May 14, 2018 Kapo20 via iOS App:

CLow(318) might be the hardest unsigned Artist on here 👳🏾‍♂️💯💪🏾
8:05 PM May 8, 2018 STR8GOAT via Android App:

like where the new **** at where gates at stop putn old **** out we in 2018 not 2017
11:31 PM May 2, 2018 HooDWolfPussC said:

we want All da Smoke! We want All da Smoke! WE WANT ALL DA SMOKE!
6:49 PM May 1, 2018 caveman478 said:

these songs old as hell.... horrible.
11:47 AM May 1, 2018 Yourundacovaluvaasucker via Android App:

bwa Ron don't rap no more he just mixtapes with other rappers? wtf