Live Fast Die Young And Leave A Good Looking Corpse

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10:00 AM August 24, 2019 markcainisevol said:

favorite mixtape
10:45 PM June 2, 2019 qbee13 said:

Rip lil peep idgaf what u think. I'm from the hood! Southside Chicago wild 100! I fuk with this all day!
12:43 AM March 11, 2019 rookwood said:

5:16 PM May 14, 2018 Marcuscloud said:

rip lil peep better then the ignorant "gangster" ****
1:04 PM May 14, 2018 7225 said:

TRASH Beats Sound the same
6:21 AM May 14, 2018 AaronLee1988 said:

if you think this crybaby bull**** isn't trash then you might be entitled and or have white privlege everyone has their own **** they go through so boo****inghoo get over it and deal with it like a man not a *****.
12:03 AM May 13, 2018 YoungNTrill via Android App:

RIP Lil Peep
11:53 PM May 10, 2018 YourUndaCovaLuva said: