Andre 3000 - Look Ma No Hands

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6:43 PM November 28, 2018 Mcrem via iOS App:

****s to good for these kids
4:35 PM July 15, 2018 LLKing33 via Mobile:

3000 overrated
11:46 AM July 2, 2018 paperchaser360 said:

Andre 3000 is beyond his time. Much respect!!!

11:47 AM June 22, 2018 Raj_T said:

He's somewhat the embodiment of afro american music. Those who disagree probably were unaware that every music form in western pop culture historically has been motivated if not created by those who are on a similar wave length of 3 stacks. Salute.
11:45 AM June 22, 2018 Raj_T said:

Those questioning obviously are not familiar with Andre 3000. He's been beyond the box ya'll been told a rapper is supposed to be in, blatantly, at least since ATLiens. I respect it.
8:28 PM June 3, 2018 trayj91 via Android App:

this is not Mr.3000
7:40 AM May 31, 2018 atlfin3st said:

It's Sonny Bridges
11:53 AM May 28, 2018 whoady2 via Mobile:

Elevator music lol Thats funny