Dope Mix 198

DJs: DJ Lazy K
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7:45 PM June 24, 2018 VonTurk via Mobile:

These dope mix's use to be so fire.. Smh been getting weak .. This one not good either.. I use to get a rack of songs from dope mix.. But haven't heard anything good on these n a long time
12:54 AM June 23, 2018 NoGenre85 said:

Blessings is hot they came hard.. 🔥🔥🚨🔥🔥
10:50 AM June 20, 2018 c_pimpin via Android App:

this shot been wack asf
10:31 PM June 19, 2018 ganckstagas via iOS App:

Lazy K be slacking. Put me on lazy got a hot track for you
12:05 PM June 19, 2018 b_citynyc11 via Mobile:

Trk #7 wit Preemo,Trick Trick and B Real,**** is str8 ****in fire!!🔥🔥🎤💥