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Jacquees - Pull Up

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Uploaded 07/19/2018

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4:36 PM August 14, 2018 flnarcos237 via Android App:

⛽️🔌⛽ 🔌🔥️
Grab kush strains🚬
Hitech n wockhardt pints🎌🎌
Text💡: 502-208-9539
IG: @flnarcos
2:07 PM August 9, 2018 wetflex21 via Android App:

7:20 PM July 28, 2018 lil12tim via iOS App:

How is jacquees gay when all he sing about is *****es ... naw y’all niggas gay with these tight clothes and rappin about ****s on glocks smh
8:34 PM July 22, 2018 chenelleharvey said:

This nigga on point I played this mixtape at a house party and so many *****es asked me to sell them this mix tape.
4:00 PM July 20, 2018 southern_stunna said:

Memphis_first48 type of nigga to go to pool part full of bad *****es and rather beef with niggas. Now THATS gay.
4:00 PM July 20, 2018 southern_stunna said:

You can tell the fronting *** niggas. If you like *****, then you wouldnt hate on r&b.
3:35 AM July 20, 2018 gottiboys via Mobile:

Nice , y'all lil ni66as clowning ,can't be hard all the dam time, this something for you and your girl ,smash action...
3:30 AM July 20, 2018 Memphis_first48 via Android App:

this nigga soft just like you gay as niggas who taking up for him. trash as niggas. you gay boys