Soulja Boy - No Sleep

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2:41 PM September 22, 2018 loosec via Mobile:

Dis da fakest most irrelevant dude. What's your story b? Say some real shyt real ppl can relate to.
4:49 PM September 12, 2018 hulk68 via iOS App:

This **** booboo. Straight dookie. Invest your money Soulja, do production maybe. Just get the bag another way. Your rap **** is buns.
2:00 PM September 3, 2018 leeroj via iOS App:

game over souja boy want to get attention with migo beef and your a *****
6:53 AM September 3, 2018 japo1989 via Android App:

As much as we all prolly dnt wanna admit this Biggs soulja is the father of today's type of rappin
1:01 AM August 24, 2018 NWSSWAGG said:

#2 Go Hard That's it
6:07 PM August 17, 2018 seedaboi via iOS App:

Don’t act like this ain’t hittin
10:57 AM August 12, 2018 dubber89 said:

bruh im ****in wit that hellcat ...buttttt niggggaaaa you cant be thuggin no more after all them got damn L's you been taken for the past 3 years lol..
9:26 PM August 8, 2018 cityboygang via iOS App:


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