S.Dot - Gang Ties

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3:20 PM August 31, 2018 ciscoflores187 via Mobile:

6:58 AM August 30, 2018 runitupmike via iOS App:

If your interested in getting your music herd on the radio
Send me your best radio record to get reviewed to get played on air live please email me the record
Must be a clean edit version

9:50 PM August 28, 2018 babyhaze29 via Android App:

not bad at all tho
8:40 PM August 27, 2018 codrico07 via Android App:

zz cczc z. bc cz. z. z czcz c s xxx xxx z. aaazvcz ccz. czcz cz. z cz zzzaccazcz czcz. zcz xz x s. cz. cz z. - cz. bczcz xz x x x c cczz'z _z x. cz bc bc zc zczc'z cz aaaaaaaaaaaaaaax aaacaz cz zzcz czzc. cz xz cczz'z c c xxx z ccz cccc'cc. bccx
7:35 PM August 27, 2018 augustinemayborn via Android App:

this is 🔥🔥
12:42 AM August 27, 2018 homie187 via Android App:

1:49 PM August 25, 2018 REAL_DEAL87 via Android App:

12:05 PM August 25, 2018 cityboygang via iOS App:

Bout time 🔥🔥🔥🔥