Meet The Dolls: The Doll Collection

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3:33 PM September 9, 2018 Kno_Ink said:

its cool to critic but if you're not making it why talk down on someone trying to make it in the biz
8:25 PM September 5, 2018 beatzondelivery said:

no molly brazy?
10:22 AM September 5, 2018 bigsl0 via iOS App:

Where is Don Tha Doll?
8:11 AM September 5, 2018 mastamindatl via Mobile:

@stone That's facts 💯
1:54 AM September 5, 2018 stone said:

U hoes is weak no talent cant beleive Gucci signed these weak broads but hey Gucci aint been the real Gucci since he got out

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