Rap Phenomenon II

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11:09 AM September 14, 2018 truejournal said:

5:38 AM February 22, 2017 doncharlo said:

2pac will reincarnate in Africa....
3:35 AM August 19, 2015 zwelicollen said:

where can i get the Hellrazor song Please help !!!!
6:23 AM February 16, 2015 ypool43 said:

This is what you call 'Classic beats'. Imagine the bad *** bass beats 2Pac would've created today with the clear bass and technology.
6:20 AM February 16, 2015 ypool43 said:

2Pac the best of all time, there will never be another real Gangsta Thug in any Era. We're all created in our special ways by God, God made 2Pac the Lord of rapping.
10:14 PM October 4, 2014 T_kingz said:

yall niggas know anything with pac on it gone go hard
3:48 PM August 5, 2014 CORZELL said:

#9 ALL DAY!!
6:10 PM November 2, 2012 icon1894 said:

Might be the best mixtape ever conceived.