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3:44 PM September 19, 2018 Nicole788 said:

this mixtape is awesome! all the songs are really cool - great beat, lyrics and rhythm! My fave is #15 - Beat the Odds - I keep replaying this song its and stuck in my head!
1:57 PM September 19, 2018 keljenner said:

Very cool sounds
1:44 PM September 19, 2018 NempieBlues said:

Lane Switch is pretty cool. Different, I like that.
11:56 AM September 19, 2018 pennythetank said:

that everrythang track is fresh, this is sick
11:22 AM September 19, 2018 molomeini said:

This is straight fire 🔥🔥Love these songs
10:23 AM September 19, 2018 rharris6023 said:

This mixtape is original and has great content. Love it.
9:39 AM September 19, 2018 ahmedrakib74747 said:

Really Great mixtapes. I love all song.
9:01 AM September 19, 2018 aminegriffy said:

Wow this mixtape is so fire and on the money. I loved all the songs with no exeptions

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