Boonk - John Gabbana

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1:27 PM September 25, 2018 007constanine said:

I'm not no hater but you ****ing suck at wrapping you should commit suicide dont never touch a mic
7:30 AM September 25, 2018 ricosean via iOS App:

He done so much goofy **** I can’t take his music serious even if I wanted to. Kinda like Nick Cannon.
8:46 PM September 24, 2018 N_sifuentez via Android App:

didn't even listen to it, not gonna listen to it, but I already know its a dumpster fire 🔥💩🔥
5:30 PM September 24, 2018 robsmith421 via Mobile:

1:35 PM September 22, 2018 soulja337 via iOS App:

-84 Score! 🤦‍♂️💀
2:45 PM September 21, 2018 cuzzkilla via Mobile:

5:05 AM September 21, 2018 nuke414 via iOS App:

The hoe hard 🔥🔥 bonk stay focus an positive #1 bang
7:41 PM September 20, 2018 OGtazmania via Android App:

**** boonk... we posted one of his videos on Instagram before the fame, he hit us in the inbox saying add his name to the caption. Then blew up in unfollow everybody? That's a f*** n**** move