The Prophesy

DJs: Ethika
A Prophesy, by definition, is simply a prediction. A prediction that something will happen at a future point in time. The ability to Prophesy comes from inspiration, intuitively knowing, or a type of perception that bypasses the usual sensory channels and rational intellect and becomes a result of imminent reality. No matter how we interpret this concept of a Prophesy, we all have to agree it has become one of the greatest tools that arouse curiosity and mystery about what is to come. The Prophesy Mixtape’s vision was to hand select a group of artists from a younger generation and showcase their talents through the Ethika Music platform. Some of our selections are artists that are on their way up, while others have already seen success. But either way they are all destined for fame. The Ethika Prophesy Mixtape features 13 artists, all with an exclusive track and their own signature pair of Ethikas.

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