Paul Wall - Frozen Face

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1:46 PM June 23, 2019 Mcrem via iOS App:

White niggas mouth look like tinsil town lmao Paul a legend mane lmao
11:46 PM January 21, 2019 floridachris123 via iOS App:

The Dj screaming ****ed up this mixtape other than that Paul wall is a OG
1:25 PM January 6, 2019 stickybandbuisness via iOS App:

September 16 2015
9:16 PM December 15, 2018 zuel via Android App:

11:25 AM December 6, 2018 BangemA said:

**** would be tighter, if the ****ing DJ would shut the **** up!!!!!!!!!! He screaming the same **** he been screaming since 2001!!!!!!
6:30 PM December 2, 2018 d_urban via Android App:

yo Paul wall you one of my heroes for real...I admire so much of your early work...big hommie u gotta change up whoever putting you on this inferior work. this isn't your level.
all love all respect.
2:11 PM November 28, 2018 mackateneleven via iOS App:

Paul Dog my wall
10:30 PM November 25, 2018 mp3ier said:

love me some paul wall just wish the dj didnt ruin some of the tracks yelling like a jackass