BeatKing - Club God 6

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1:43 AM April 17, 2019 youngapprentice256 via Android App:

9:09 PM March 6, 2019 mp3ier said:

beatking is fake houston. he makes beats but cant rap. he try to dis the slow down dont respect dj screw. his beats are good ill give him that but a 2 yr old can rap better
9:49 AM February 27, 2019 seedaboi via iOS App:

This is pure gas. He on par with the hottest out to me just very underrated and under appreciated but not locally or to the true music heads. My book this is a classic. The industry to fake for this I swear.
2:38 PM February 21, 2019 theProduct said:

Automatic Whip Rotation
12:13 PM February 21, 2019 jrlrg19 via Android App:

7:01 PM February 20, 2019 Patpat2727 via Android App:

fabo on god
6:15 PM February 20, 2019 player8forever via Android App:

Good ****🔥
3:21 AM February 20, 2019 ocbeatsdotcom via Android App: