Lil Xan - Fireworks

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8:38 AM February 26, 2019 Galaxygav via iOS App:

Whack AF.
@Prince_B - if we don’t listen how we gonna know if it’s garbage??!! ;-)
1:18 AM February 25, 2019 mikey_mula via Android App:

4:19 PM February 24, 2019 dubmeister via Android App:

2:50 AM February 24, 2019 Prince_B said:

the same people saying he garbage r the same people listening ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
7:55 PM February 21, 2019 atlzbioz said:

this **** is trash give up kid
6:40 PM February 21, 2019 warren951 via iOS App:

He be a whole lame.. but summa days go hard omm
2:45 PM February 21, 2019 mr_sda via Android App:

man people on live HATE this white nigga haha
9:40 AM February 21, 2019 allanstevens via Android App:

this dude is garbage for real and he has the audacity to say he is better then Tupac