Gorilla Zoe - I Am Atlanta 4Ever

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4:28 AM May 17, 2019 shaythomas via Android App:

this ight but how y'all not on my baby😘 spankez still trappin like a *****😩
6:51 PM March 31, 2019 Nuttybaby804 said:

His flow is not the same its not dominant like it was its like hes not sure enough confidence is low but its not wack its just not the same Zoe i guess hes rusty but im not giving up on my favorite rapper.
4:20 PM March 23, 2019 skruggleb via iOS App:

Zoe... 💯💯💯 underdog....
2:55 AM March 22, 2019 CLXUDIOJESUS via iOS App:

6:01 PM March 12, 2019 futureATL via iOS App:

6:26 PM March 11, 2019 kirkharris5320 via iOS App:

He gay but it’s about music it’s on Worldstarhiphop.com
11:47 AM March 9, 2019 bizzy773 via iOS App:

4:22 AM March 8, 2019 youngJ2323 said:

Get back to da jeffery dahmer flow