Young Buck - Compulsive

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11:39 AM April 19, 2019 Turnupkid24 via iOS App:

Lol daaaamn yea buck you. Can be gay and gangster
8:45 PM April 15, 2019 cillakilla said:

Young Fag
11:41 AM April 14, 2019 mmmmmmpppppppoooooo via iOS App:

iSet MySelf Up For Tha Long Run Something You Should Have Done -Lito
7:36 PM April 12, 2019 ganckstagas via iOS App:

This nigga buck a homo thug ****in with trannies you know when he was in that cage he was ****in on men too
5:01 PM April 12, 2019 DARYUS16 via iOS App:

Can’t even listen to u no more u getting seen wit trannies my nigga