The Vault: DJ Duce Remixes 2

DJs: DJ Duce
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11:10 AM April 26, 2019 therealdjduce said:

@mp3iler i just sent you an email. I will wait patiently. If you are going to send the same beat over a different acapella you wasting your time lmao that's what i'm expecting
1:54 PM April 25, 2019 mp3ier said:

and i will add if you were so creative why not more recent beats or more recent acapellas
1:48 PM April 25, 2019 mp3ier said:

@djduce. email me at and I will happily provide your knock offs from southern style djs.

i am no liar and expect you to state that after I send you proof
1:57 AM April 24, 2019 joemoney1222 via Android App:

1:15 PM April 20, 2019 therealdjduce said:

@mp3iler your a damn lie, you show the remixes that use the same beats i did? I'll wait Lol
1:14 PM April 20, 2019 DJARABMIXTAPES said:

Dope mixtape!
10:55 AM April 20, 2019 mp3ier said:

southern style dj's rip off artist. dj duce copied all these remixes. i didnt hear a single remix i havent heard the beat on before on a southern style dj's tape years ago
5:54 PM April 19, 2019 DJDuval_FBME via iOS App:

Just found another go to mix to ride too!! 🚙🔊🎶