Waka Flocka Flame - Salute Me Or Shoot Me 6


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10:14 AM April 23, 2019 LANDRECUS256 via iOS App:

Hell yea waka u been goin too hard to quit now bra
8:52 PM April 22, 2019 rontoyab12 said:

Prince ink An Rico An Lotto.....
4:39 PM April 22, 2019 timflockasmith said:

last track is one of his hardest tracks he done ever made
8:10 AM April 20, 2019 kdrippy22 via Android App:

30 hanging out da glock!Warning...
6:24 PM April 19, 2019 kdrippy22 via Android App:

Bow Bow Bow Bow!
6:57 AM April 19, 2019 dubmeister via Android App:

the music is subwoofer killers
2:57 PM April 18, 2019 floridachris123 via iOS App:

This mixtape rocks,thanks so much for bringing back those flocka Myers flow and always been a huge fan bro I saw you back in the day at house of blues live in Boston Ma FFF life Tour with kayo redd,south side ,
8:15 AM April 18, 2019 yungunz24 via iOS App:

Damn when I heard that dunk drop it brought back memories man r.ip dunk