Fly Shyt Only 7

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1:56 PM August 19, 2019 mrbradton via iOS App:

3:24 PM July 3, 2019 onlythegangllc via iOS App:

#26 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯🀘🏾 come through with bags like I’m santaπŸŽ…
7:46 PM May 16, 2019 cobbm0915 via Android App:

why cant i find track 2 anywhere else? dj khalid meek lil baby stay? is there a diffrent name?
12:54 PM April 26, 2019 willven said:

Yo get that damn ti i got this track tf off **** been old for 2months already
6:02 PM April 25, 2019 music_mind88 via iOS App:

This mixtape is garbage that Nip hit tho
12:43 PM April 24, 2019 jrlrg19 via Android App:

10:45 PM April 23, 2019 makaveli25 via Android App:

please stop with that t.i. song!!!!
6:35 AM April 23, 2019 TrymeDenNigga704 via Android App:

Damn right when Nipsey was really bout to Turn up🀦🏿‍♂️ #RipNip