Wiz Khalifa - Astro Turf

Exclusive Release Of Wiz Khalifa's Latest Unreleased Records Hosted By DJ Hustle Man

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4:09 PM November 28, 2019 notorious_vibe said:

Is this really Wiz??? I can see why it's unreleased.
8:55 AM October 3, 2019 charlesbucher30 via Android App:

10:11 PM September 4, 2019 campilongo said:

..and when you try to rhyme words that don't actually rhyme.. you look ****in stupid. Please stop.

Sincerely a die hard fan
10:09 PM September 4, 2019 campilongo said:

I know why this is called afro turf.. cause this some fake *** ****. Wiz the last few albums.. only a few songs I can bang. Are you ****in fallin off bruh!?
1:51 PM August 19, 2019 mrbradton via iOS App:

3:38 AM July 3, 2019 Bkboi718 via Android App:

😂😂😂 this **** trash
11:34 PM June 18, 2019 TRGSCJ1287 via iOS App:

This a solid vibe. A ride and smoke
3:06 PM June 18, 2019 ShotgunBilly via Android App:

This tape hella fly, man.