Slick Nick - Fatso World

DJs: DJ Shon
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5:41 PM July 12, 2019 DMV_DAVE via Android App:

I don't know what everyone talking about. .I like these young dudes right here , they saying a whole lot more than most of these other young dudes. .don't get caught up on the name..light one throw this **** on and give it a chance
3:07 PM July 12, 2019 Ironmannmg via iOS App:

Livemixtapes made that mistake , y’all should stop **** riding so much nobody wanna be like that old washed up *** rapper with fake jewelry
9:39 AM July 12, 2019 mp3ier said:

both the artist and the dj should be ashamed of this. i get you might have similar name but make it unique. dont steal. what next you gonna have a friend become Master P and another friend become Too short. yall some whack fake imposters -10000
7:14 PM July 11, 2019 terrynova via iOS App:

Goofy asf. I though the ruler had an ep
1:07 PM July 11, 2019 demonte18 via iOS App:

This ain’t the real Rick the ruler
11:52 AM July 11, 2019 loosec via Android App:

3 Aite. he ain't slick rick tho
10:35 AM July 11, 2019 DJDuval_FBME via iOS App:

SMDH! Ya ALMOST had me press play. Someone please fix the title name.
9:21 AM July 11, 2019 Mars_11 said:

We click baitin' outchea!? LMAO What we doin'?!?