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11:13 AM July 31, 2019 Yourundacovaluvaasucker via Android App:

7:48 PM July 29, 2019 warren951 via iOS App:

Ny niggas DORKS!!!
10:36 AM July 29, 2019 theProduct said:

I would like to hear this dude kill some of the newer trap beats with his style. That would be fiya... Already seen too much of this from him already
3:17 AM July 29, 2019 OnTop412 said:

got dam he going in whole tape,,,, #8 crazy tho
1:06 AM July 26, 2019 b_citynyc11 said:

My nigga Pap!!wit da hardcore rap ****!!RIP to mumble rap.
5:32 PM July 25, 2019 loosec via Android App:

early 1900 jail cells....bars son. I'm from the south b. son. word to muva kid. b.
4:23 PM July 25, 2019 kdrippy22 via Android App:

straight bars nicca