WawMart - Wally World

DJs: DJ Plugg
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3:55 AM September 13, 2019 preme via iOS App:

They hating on this
6:43 PM September 12, 2019 whiteboy91 via Android App:

beats are good. lyrics and flow need some work. but u got potential.
loose the autotune...and singing is for chris brown type dudes. it aint for you
12:15 AM August 8, 2019 bamaboi via Android App:

trip me out that jmoney still making the same type music. futuristic4life ain't it?
8:54 PM August 5, 2019 lsmith3127 via Android App:

ok bruh I c what u doing u bringing back that shop boyz d4l dfb dayz 2005 to 2009 era i can dig it 😎
7:01 PM August 5, 2019 southern_stunna said:

trash lmao