Skilla Baby - Crack Music


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9:40 PM March 16, 2020 chrisj9575 said:

Skilla & Sada 🔥🦍🔥
Wess fukkn witchu'!
Carmelo Bryant on repeat! 💯
11:18 PM March 15, 2020 Cuzzoe via Android App:

Not Really into local artists, but after listening to Midnight Train to Detroit vol 1 I felt only right to see what's in here. I'm glad I did, now I got a new artist to ride to
11:49 AM March 11, 2020 Djescothecoolest said:

Skrilla and 16rollin the hardest no cap
11:16 PM March 10, 2020 block_327 via Android App:

Eastside of the Bean we ****in wit Skilla big 🦍 🔥🔥🏆

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