JGreen - Unapologetic

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6:57 AM March 19, 2020 GXLDXN6 via iOS App:

JGRXXN is from atl and this isnt him. he is inspired by triple 6
1:32 AM March 19, 2020 hollyfieldreal via Android App:

He been going by J Green since he was a kid his name is Jaylen last name Green J Green no biting in names or lanes
10:21 AM March 18, 2020 k4100 via Android App:

He from Florida ynw melly homeboy
10:12 PM March 17, 2020 hollowman024 said:

so this isnt the j green thats been on suicideboys tracks
9:51 PM March 17, 2020 slickvick630 said:

Scroll TF down if u don't believe me!!!
9:50 PM March 17, 2020 slickvick630 said:

Who tf is this bitin ***, singin *** clown?!?!? The real JGreen from Memphis and produce beats! Lame *** lil kids

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