YB Linkz - YB Linkz Mixtape

YB Linkz aka Yanky Boi Linkz formerly known as Linkz is a commercial hit melodic rap artist. Linkz has been releasing singles under the umbrella Yanky Boi Records since 2012, from California, back to his hometown Brooklyn New York featuring with many upcoming artists on his journey from making it number 8 on the independent artist charts back in 2016 before taking a break from music. His name Yanky Boi Linkz aka YB Linkz comes from the core of who he is as a person being a New Yorker, with Caribbean roots (as can be heard in his flow and caedance). American born Caribbeans are considered Yankee boys so he linked a twist to it being called that his whole life and referred to himself as YB, Linkz, YB Linkz, Yanky Boi Linkz. There is a lot more to come of YB Linkz, and plenty of surprise features to come, so stay tuned.

YB Linkz - 'Drop It' ft K. Reef & A. Vinchi (Music Video). Yanky Boi Records

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