AbbyiCandi - The Reign of AbbyiCandi

Solo Pop and RnB recording artist Abigail Candica-Lashawn Judd-Edwards also known as AbbyiCandi. Born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and raised in Jonesboro, Georgia. AbbyiCandi sings Pop, RnB, and Contemporary Gospel; she is a former competitive cheerleader, jazz dancer, gymnast, and beauty pageant model. AbbyiCandi incorporates all her talents in her performances such as her gymnasts skills, and todays’ favorite hip hop dances.

AbbyiCandi has a unique way of combining cheerleading, hip hop, and jazz style to allow her background dancers and herself to give the audience a visual image of the songs’ lyrics. AbbyiCandi is currently campaigning her single ‘Get It Girl’ from her project ‘The Reign of AbbyiCandi EP’. Ultimately AbbyiCandi strives to be the light that inspires others to chase their dreams and never give up no matter how difficult the obstacles are to obtain them!

AbbyiCandi - Get It Girl ((( OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO )))

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