King Of The City (Always Forward, Forward All Ways)

DJs: DJ D-Mil
The original Midwest tour mixtape with over 20 volumes featuring over 500 original artists returns with it's latest chapter 'King of the City (Always Forward, Forward All Ways)'. This volume in the 'King of the City' series comes out in 2020 to give all fans, artists and the music industry a road map on how to prosper in any year through any circumstance. 'Always Forward, Forward All Ways' is hosted by Jae Mansa of Roc Nation, Stimulus of Prospect Records and mixed by DJ D. Mil of the Shadyville DJ's with DJ 3. Artists from the top of the map in Minneapolis to the southwest in Albuquerque to the middle of the map in Omaha and beyond continue to provide the soundtrack on how to move forward in Life as well as Music.

Stimulus - REAL feat. Jarren Benton (Official Music Video)

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