Jarvo - Second Hand Smoke


When there is smoke in the air you better believe there’s fire that is right behind it. That is what Jarvo’s and Big Smoke’s new mixtape “Second Hand Smoke” brings to the listeners ears. the prefect mixture of Big Smoke’s Memphis trap style vibes and Jarvo DripGods melodic rap vocals ,gives rap music lovers a fresh new outlook towards the Memphis trap sound. This sound isn’t just all hype or smoke and mirrors, but a starting point towards a new wave of music.

  • 01. Jarvo - Ant No Telln (Feat. Big Smoke)
  • 02. Jarvo - PeachyKeen
  • 03. Jarvo - Blink
  • 04. Jarvo - DARE
  • 05. Jarvo - Matter (Feat. Astro)
  • 06. Jarvo - HotBox
  • 07. Jarvo - Hypnotic3
  • 08. Jarvo - Like It or Not (Feat. EddieBeats & Big Smoke)
  • 09. Jarvo - Shop Wit Me

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