MartianXTG - Not Financial Advice EP (Hosted By Trey’s Trades)


Corruption on Wall Street. Bulls VS Bears; the rich playing a rich man’s game to acquire more wealth. That was the status quo for the stock market; until now.

“There’s Bulls, there’s bears; then there’s Apes”

This project is the soundtrack to the financial revolution of 2021; better known as the Ape Movement.

About me: MartianXTG is a recording artist from Rochester, NY, although he currently calls St Petersburg, FL home. He began making music at the age of 19 under the stage name of “TG the Beast”. In 2013 he appeared on the collaboration mixtape with AveChop and B Grimey entitled “New Carolina State of Mind” showcasing the record labels newest signees, followed up by his first solo project, “3 A.M. Purge” in the spring of 2014, Martian partnered up with his long time friend and then label partner AveChop to form the group “Alien Euphoria”. In September of 2014, Martian & Alien Euphoria performed with Mobb Deep to celebrate the young duos first group project as Alien Euphoria entitled “Absolute Magnitude”. In November of 2014, Martian and company co-headlined with Waka Flocka Flame, solidifying their place at the top of their cities music scene. Prior to leaving Rochester for good in 2016, Martian performed solo as the opening artist for Dizzy Wright. Martian then continued his career solo in Florida, playing locally and recording new records. In 2018, Martian released his first studio album, “Chemical Imbalance”. In March of 2021, Martian released the instant cult-classic “Moon Gang”, also known as the “Apes Anthem”. The song was played on Treys Trades and continues to garner massive attention from the Ape community. He followed “Moon Gang” up with “Boom Boom Candles”, a homage to Trey and a direct message to the enemies of the Apes.

MY SOUND: unique and versatile. From trap to punk rock, my lower, rougher voice stands out from the crowd of new-era, higher pitched auto tune rap that floods the air waves today.

MartianXTG - “Boom Boom Candles” $AMC/$GME Apes - A Message to Hedgie

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