1playJ - Hard Work


Its 1playJ. I was born in ashtabula ohio i was raised by a single mother in painesville ohio and moved back to ashtabula when i was in high school. Ive always had a passion for music. My dad was a rapper in the 90s so i guess you could say its in my blood. I started rapping around the age of 9 with my friends but i just recently started recording in a real studio in march of 2020. My sound is unique in my opinion. Some songs i rap fast. Sometimes i rap slow. I switch flows in almost every song. I have feel good songs to vibe to and i have songs that are on a more lyrical level. Im very versatile and no 2 songs sound the same. Ive been blessed to be able to work with one of if not the best engineer in ohio josh maunus at top of the world studios whos also from my hometown ashtabula.

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