Ben West - Legends Only


Ben West. A young artist originally from Cleveland, OH, known mainly for his previous relationship and signing to the late Fredo Santana and Savage Squad Records. Ben has also attracted interest from fans world wide through his co-signs and collaborations with celebrities like Playboi Carti, Iman Shumpert, Chief Keef, DJ Hoodrich Keem, Doe Boy and more. Although Ben has remained primarily in the underground scene, he has built a very loyal and cult like fan base of supporters all over the US, Russia, and other countries. His versatile style ranges from trap-like sophisticated word play and content, to auto tune harmonizing on top of slow, melodic, guitar and other instrument based new age rock-rap style beats. His sound roots from his influences which fluctuate from bands like Nirvana and Tears For Fears to rappers like Lil Wayne and Kid Cudi. Ben has also received a reputation and certified his place in the hip hop culture based fashion world as a lover, collector and influencer of high end brands like Number (N)ine, Undercover, Rick Owens and many more. His interests have made him a leader of the new wave of rap/fashion culture over the past few years. All of this works together to create the very unique artist, character and influencer that is Ben West. His music life has seemed very effortless and some would assume he is more of a passion driven artist. That said, his rare music releases combined with the loss of some would say his closest friend Fredo Santana and legal issues that resulted in multiple jail time bids have virtually stunted his mainstream and overall growth in the industry. These days have seemed to come to an end with his new attitude and professional focus towards his career which will ultimately result in a evolving position from the underground to the new young artist forefront that we see in music today. That brings us to a very exciting point in his career and life with his first DJ hosted release of his mixtape "Legends Only" hosted by DJ Hoodrich Keem, who has proved himself to be one of the most successful DJ's with releases from Migos, Young Thug, Gucci Mane, Gunna, Baby Face Ray and many more. Ben has promoted and teased fans that this release will be showing a style of versatility that he has yet to unleash with a very raw street-like feel and sound. DJ Hoodrich Keem and Ben have teamed up with Live Mixtapes for the release of this mixtape. You can hear and enjoy the project which includes a feature from the late Fredo Santana on Live Mixtapes website as well as all other platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Soundcloud etc.

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