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FP Relly was born and raised in St.Louis, Missouri, and recently moved to Atlanta, Georgia in order to further his career. He first started rapping with friends for fun, freestyling over YouTube beats and messing around. Relly was always interested in the culture of hip-hop and the scene it presented however he was focused on sports growing up. FP Relly knew he was meant to be in the spotlight but it took some time to realize he would be there as an artist. Being only 19, Relly is still very new to the game and has a head start on presenting himself and establishing his name in music.

When it comes to his lyrical content FP Relly is telling his story, and what he aspires to be. He first started off experimenting with the hip-hop drill scene and finding his way into that genre. However, now he has diversified his skill set and can hold his own doing hip-hop, pop, r&b, among other styles. Growing up Relly has faced struggle, loss, and pain which can be found in his lyrics. Music is a form of expression and he is reflecting on what he’s faced as well as declaring where he wants to reach in his career.

In the studio, FP Relly tends not to work alone. He likes to have upbeat vibes in the studio and bring people with him to hype him up and feed off the energy. He is mostly a writer, he may write a song before his session, however always has what he’s going to record memorized. If he hears a beat he likes on the spot or during a feature he can freestyle a verse at any time. In the studio, he’s worked with Authentic Empire music groups YSN Trapp and recently began working alongside the label under management.

FP Relly’s most recent release “Rumors” is available on all platforms, and he has a lot more music to be on the lookout for. Relly has recently joined the Atlanta music scene branching out from his hometown allowing him to loosen up and be himself. He is very family-oriented and takes a lot of advice from his father who has learned the industry well. Outside of music he and his family work on a variety of clothing brands. His personal brand being “FazPase”, and the reason behind FP at the beginning of his name.

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