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Artist After 11 has been inspired by music since the tender age of seven. He recorded his first song when he was only ten years old. Born in the midwest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he was exposed to several genres of music from Hiphop, pop R&B, House, alternative and also shock rock.

When he was 12, he was in possession of a “hype’s” car driving around the neighborhood selling crack and marijuana. He would be pulled over by police later that day who noticed he was too young to see over the steering wheel and it had been school hours. They drove him home to find his mother passed out from being strung out on drugs herself. Beer cans and bottles littered the tables. His father was no where around. This was the first time He would be placed in the “system”. He would run away from foster care and group homes only to live homeless on the Milwaukee streets. He learned to make music and record himself by sleeping in local studios one of those being hometown hero Coo Coo Cal his single “My Projects” went to #1 on the Billboard hot rap singles Charts in 2001.

11's talents far exceed his rapping/singing ability. He writes hooks and records for other artist in and outside of the Milwaukee area, in several genres of music. He is talented at mixing, recording, and arranging songs to give them the perfect finish. On the grind and determined to change his life for the better, After 11 moved to the south and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He is passionate about telling his story through music and expanding his fan base.
  • 01. After 11 - Mr Ego
  • 02. After 11 - Let You Go
  • 03. After 11 - Single Again
  • 04. After 11 - This Is It
  • 05. After 11 - Wanna Say
  • 06. After 11 - Best Choice (Feat. King Nilah)
  • 07. After 11 - Give Up
  • 08. After 11 - Maybe We Try Again (Feat. Nadia Venice)
  • 09. After 11 - Sea
  • 10. After 11 - Glo (Feat. King Nilah)
  • 11. After 11 - Pain In My Life
  • 12. After 11 - Last Thing