FP Relly - Feed Da Streets, Vol.1


It’s been a lot of traumatic situations that happened in my life. To the the people I’m close to, to me, and to people around me… But it’s been the most ever traumatic experiences of my life since I dropped “FP World”, I lost one of my closest potnas to gun violence it’s already not that many of us we a real small circle that hurt all of us but I’m sure it made us all stronger, that’s one of the biggest things out of all the other things that’s happened in that time spand, I got shot for the first time not too far away from my head I’m blessed to survive that and sadly it happend on my pops birthday (fazpase pops), but we not stopping don’t ever think we gone stop! As long as I’m still here I’m going to keep pushing, my team feel I don’t interact enough on the net and express my mind enough so this is me doing that. I appreciate errbody who REALLY support me and errbody who want to REALLY see me win ‼️ I AM SORRY FOR THE WAIT.

The album "Feed Da Streets' will be FP Relly's 2nd project after his first project "FP World' did tremendous streams shockingly knowing we’re this artist comes from and knowing he never had a chance at the industry. FP Relly's new tape is mainly about different vibes and he has a-lot of stories to tell as well. Like what life was like before he hit the gas pedal and never looked back. Hustling to put on for his city, St. Louis, the young rapper and businessman looks to have a bright future and will accomplish just that. "Feed Da Streets" will be a continuous thing he say, "I want to keep dropping a tape with features on it and as i get bigger there will be more bigger artist that will love to get on my "feed da streets" tape." He has a lot of talented artist featured as well alongside with some locally buzzing artists from St. Louis and Atlanta. This will be a big step for him while he is still upcoming in the industry he looks forward to this tape doing great.

FP Relly - Ball (YNB)

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